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The Summit Package

The Summit Package

Access to our Private Land Owner | Investor Group | $50,000+ Value Be added to our "preferred property investment group" | Separate For Premium Members Area | Google Earth Custom Map | $10,000+ Value

"The Summit" is the ultimate package offering from our range, specifically designed for those who are deeply committed to their ecotourism project and are looking for an unparalleled level of support and resources to accelerate their business. This top-tier package is a treasure trove of benefits and opportunities, valued at over $100,000, making it an exceptional choice for serious ecotourism entrepreneurs.

Key Features of "The Summit" package include:

  • Platform Listing: Your project will be featured on our prestigious platform, granting it visibility and recognition among a wide audience of ecotourism enthusiasts and investors.

  • LinkTree Access: You'll gain access to a customized LinkTree, providing a centralized and elegant way to connect your audience to all your digital presences and offerings.

  • Access to Private Investor Group: Unlock the doors to our exclusive private investor group, a network of seasoned investors specifically interested in funding ecotourism ventures.

  • Guaranteed Funding: Perhaps the most striking feature of "The Summit" is the guaranteed funding of at least $25,000 as a revenue share partner. If we cannot secure funding through our private equity and holdings partners, we step in to ensure your project receives the financial kickstart it needs.

  • Pre-Bookings and Comprehensive Product Suite: Benefit from pre-bookings and a full array of products and services developed by our Founder and CEO, Devon Allan Towle. These are the same tools and strategies he used to expand his own ecotourism business from a single unit to over 20 properties and four active resorts.

  • Structural Purchase Credit: "The Summit" package also acts as a down payment for structure purchases over $25,000, offering a significant financial head-start.

  • Wholesale Structure Discount: Clients also receive an automatic 50% discount on the package cost of $20,000 when purchasing Global Glamping’s wholesale structures, providing a substantial cost-saving advantage.

"The Summit" is more than just a package; it’s a comprehensive growth catalyst for your ecotourism project. It’s an investment in the proven methodologies that have propelled similar ventures to success, coupled with the assurance of financial backing and a support network of industry professionals and investors. This package is ideal for anyone who is serious about making a substantial impact in the ecotourism sector and is ready to take their project to new heights.


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