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EcoHaven Retreat
  • EcoHaven Retreat

    Our new modular cabins are designed to be delivered in three 14’ x 10’ pieces, which are connected on site. CabinsMT materials are waterproof, fireproof, bugproof and mold resistant.

    CabinsMT are great for:

    • Glamping

    •  Off-Grid

    •  RV Sites – drop-in and year-round rentals

    •  ADUs (accessory dwelling units)​

    Yellowstone Modular Cabins


    Cabins MT

    CabinsMT builds modular Cellular Concrete cabins with a specialized formula and engineered steel framing. The cabin walls are 6” of structural concrete and are efficient and well insulated, with an R-value of 36.

    All floors are heated with flexible, durable Pex tubing.


    Mini-split air conditioning cools each space individually.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our Products

    The base cabin is 14’ wide by 30’ long and consists of three modules, plus a deck and a side deck for the entry door. The base cabin also includes doors and windows, as well as a sink, refrigerator, microwave, storage, stove and dishwasher. 


    Hangar Door:  The hydraulic glass door acts as an awning over the 14’ x 10’ concrete deck.  


    Optional:  Outdoor stairs to the roof, which can be used as a deck. ​


    Optional:  Railing for the roof deck.


    CabinMT has options for financing of the cabins. Please click the link below to request information or fill out our applications to be sent off for review.