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Devon Allan Towle



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5191 Eastside Hwy

Stevensville, MT 59870

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About Global Glamping

Devon purchased land in Stevensville, MT January, 10th 2020.  He wanted to see if this “Glamping” thing was really all it was cracked up to be.  Running the numbers back and forth they just seemed too good to be true.  So having seen the business model without actually doing it.  Devon needed to see if all the hype was actually attainable.  He knew Airbnb’s and short term rentals made good money, but a yurt or a tent?  Who really would pay $30/night to set up a tent?  Or furthermore who would pay $125/night to stay in a yurt with no bathroom in it? 


He had found out about an app called “Hipcamp” that allows land owners to list their private land for people wanting to camp.  He listed the land as just a camping site while getting a structure figured out.  Keep in mind that he had no money and needed to get creative.  He contacted “Sweet Pea” who charges $100/Month for a port-a-potty.  Got two set up to use while the permitting and well were being put in.  You can usually get what’s called a “conditional use permit” while you’re setting your site up.  The county will usually give you 4-6 months to use this while you get established. Sweet Pea services once a week and keeps it nice and clean.  There wasn’t any septic or city sewer/water on the land. 


So with the Hipcamp live and active Devon soon realized that there were people that wanted to book unique locations.  He kept seeing texts come in saying, “Hicamp Guest so & so just booked your Lee Metcalf Wildlife Campsite”.  This soon quickly turned into nearly $10,000 of income in the summer of 2020!  With some success Devon wanted to use the money and reinvest in the new Glamping operation.  Shut if he was making money with just raw land imagine if there was a cool Glamping structure he could put up! 


Midway through the year in June, Devon was contacted by a yurt supplier in Florence, MT.  Knowing that he was short on capital and that the yurt supplier wasn’t all that good at selling.  Devon used his thinking cap and got his creative juices flowing.  He offered to do what is now a staple business model Global Glamping really has dialed in.  “Rev Share (Revenue Share)”. This business model may have been around before but Devon was able to perfect it!  Devon offered to pay for the Deck and Platform to be built if the potential yurt supplier would supply the yurt! The gentleman we will name him “Yurt Guy '' decided that this would be a great opportunity. He would have a location where people could see the yurts, as well as do a rev share and start earning cash flow. 


So Yurt Guy and Devon came up with an agreement that Devon would do the marketing, bookings, supply the land, supply the deck, build the deck and furnish it.  For an exchange of 42.5% Revenue to Yurt Guy, 42.5% To Devon, and 15% to Global Glamping for managing it.  Devon was in a place where he was hoping to get a 30% occupancy booking on the yurt! That would basically pay for his monthly expenses.  The “Lee Metcalf Wildlife Yurt” - Link  was listed July 1st, 2020.  Devon had invested just shy of $4,500 for the deck, and furnishings.  


Low and behold, not only did the yurt get booked!  It then performed at a 93% booking occupancy and was able to generate nearly $40,000 in income that year in 2020.  Yurt Guy, and Devon Both 4X’d their investment within 6 Months!  That’s when Devon got an email from Hipcamp stating that he was nominated for one of the “Best Hipcmap 2021 Montana”. - Link  After two months of voting, Hipcamp sent Devon an email saying that he won and there was a major publication about the winners in the January 2021 edition of articles.  


The next season Devon purchased the yurt from the Supplier and bought him out of the rest of his yurts.  He then duplicated the “Rev Share” Model on the property and now has 48 Glamping Structures in Montana, Utah, Michigan, & New York!  We now have helped multiple clients start and set up their “Glamp Camp” and prove that this model works. 


Devon realized there were a lot of people that have land and could do the same business model on their property.  So he started Global Glamping as a company to help people successfully enter into the Glamping Space.  This opportunity is life changing and very rewarding.  The income is great but being the reason that people are getting outdoors and reconnecting with nature and healing is the best part about Glamping.  There have been 7 families now engaged at the 406 Glamping - Link Location.  Families have even got married and come back to enjoy their honeymoon!  


If this TRUE STORY intrigued you and you are interested in putting your land into our “Land Database” - Link. This is the chance for you to partner with Global Glamping and see how you could invest in the structures to put on land.  Or invest in the development of your own site or someone else's already established Glamp Camp.  The time is now to speak with one of our Glamping experts! 




$4,500 Initial Investment (Deck Materials, Furnishing, Stove, Interior Decorations)

$3,000 Full Purchase of Yurt (Buy-Out After First Year)

$2,400 Sweet Pea Rental

$2,400 Electricity

$12,300 Total Spent On Yurt


Income since listing:



Total Profit:



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