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Understand the business model of Global Glamping, its current successes, and future potential. Analyze the returns, exit strategy, and the market trends in the glamping industry.

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After thorough evaluation, invest in a structure at one of the Global Glamping locations, like the stunning Stevensville property, and start earning 42.5% of the total income from your unit.

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Keep track of your monthly disbursements and stay updated about the performance of your investment. Communicate with Global Glamping team for any queries and updates.

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Strategy Execution

After a period of three years, you have the option to sell your structure to another investor or utilize the buy-back option offered by Global Glamping, providing you with a secure exit strategy.

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Welcome to the future of investment – an unprecedented opportunity in one of the most innovative and promising sectors of the tourism industry, Glamping. We are Global Glamping, a Forbes-featured company revolutionizing the way people experience the beauty and serenity of nature. With a proven model that has been tested and perfected across multiple locations, we offer a unique and ground-breaking revenue share model that guarantees profitability, sustainability, and the thrill of being part of a cutting-edge industry.


At the heart of this opportunity is our Stevensville property, a piece of paradise nestled on the fringes of the iconic Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge. This spot boasts billion-dollar views that provide a magical outdoor experience - a serene, natural environment that leaves our guests in awe.

Under our innovative rev-share model, structure partners will benefit immensely. When you invest in a structure at our locations, you will receive a whopping 42.5% of the total income generated from that unit. This is not a yearly disbursement, nor a bi-annual pay-out, but a consistent monthly income – an asset that continues to cash flow month after month.


But that's not all. This revenue model gives you the power of flexibility. After a five-year period, you, the structure partner, have the option to either sell the structure to another structure partner, or you can choose to utilize our buy-back option. This option allows us to purchase the unit back from you at the cost of the unit's build-out, providing you a guaranteed exit strategy.


Being part of Global Glamping is not just about investing in an asset. It's about being part of a company that is at the forefront of the glamping industry. A company that is not only pioneering but is also innovating, expanding, and setting new standards.


We have other exciting projects in the pipeline, and as a structure partner, you'll get early access to these opportunities. It's your chance to get in on the ground floor of a company that's taking the glamping industry by storm. By investing with us, you are backing a proven, successful model and helping to shape the future of luxury outdoor accommodations.


Partner with Global Glamping - where we turn the extraordinary into the everyday, and structure partners into pioneers of an industry that is changing the face of tourism. Step into the future with us, where you don't just invest, you innovate and pioneer, and become part of an industry set to redefine the concept of luxury in nature. Global Glamping is where your investment meets innovation, profitability meets sustainability, and where nature meets luxury.


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  • Unprecedented Investment Opportunity: Global Glamping offers an innovative rev-share model, providing investors with a consistent monthly income and the flexibility to sell or utilize our buy-back option.

  • Prime Location: The Stevensville property, bordering the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge, boasts billion-dollar views and provides an exceptional outdoor experience."

  • "Proven Success: Backed by a proven model, Global Glamping has successfully implemented this business across multiple locations, and is now opening up new opportunities.

  • Pioneering Industry: Global Glamping is at the forefront of the booming glamping industry, leading with innovation and expansion, and redefining luxury in nature.

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Sharing The TLC
Togetherness - Love - Community

At Global Glamping, our mission transcends beyond just providing premium glamping experiences. We are driven by the principle of TLC - Togetherness, Love, and Community.

We believe in nurturing togetherness by connecting individuals, families, and friends in shared experiences that spark joy and create lasting memories. Our glamping locations are more than just luxurious accommodations; they are platforms that enable people to strengthen their bonds with each other and with the natural world.

Love is at the core of all our endeavors. We strive to cultivate an environment where love for the outdoors, for adventure, and for each other thrives. By promoting experiences in breathtaking natural surroundings, we inspire a deeper love and respect for Mother Nature and all her splendors.

The essence of our mission is to foster a strong sense of community. We are building spaces that enable people from all walks of life to come together, share stories, exchange ideas, and create a sense of belonging. Each Global Glamping site is a thriving, vibrant community centered around shared experiences in the great outdoors.

But our mission goes beyond the tangible. We are passionate about promoting well-being. In the serenity of nature and the luxury of our glamping sites, people can unwind, rejuvenate, and reconnect with themselves. There's a spiritual aspect, too. By providing access to the magnificence of the outdoors, we are creating opportunities for individuals to connect with God and appreciate the beauty of His creation like never before.

When you invest with Global Glamping, you are not just partaking in a successful business venture. You are becoming part of a mission that promotes togetherness, love, and community. You are helping to provide people with the chance to reconnect with nature, to experience the healing power of the outdoors, and to find peace and tranquility in the heart of God's wonderful creation. You are contributing to the well-being of individuals and communities, and in turn, nurturing your own spirit. With Global Glamping, your investment becomes a gift that keeps on giving.

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